Wolfram Data Drop Quick Reference

Databin Organization

The Wolfram Data Drop is organized into databins where data accumulates.

(Databins can be in the main Wolfram Cloud or in Wolfram Private Clouds.)

There are several ways to refer to any databin:

unique UUID
e.g. DDfa98e4f4e32-565e-449f-8cb6-624a87416907
long URL
e.g. datadrop.wolframcloud.com/databin/DDfa98e4f4e32-565e-449f-8cb6-624a87416907
short URL
e.g. wolfr.am/1EyATYFR
short ID
e.g. 1EyATYFR
Within the Wolfram Language, a databin is Databin["ID"].

The accumulated data in a databin consists of a series of entries.

Each entry can contain data of any kind, typically organized in a key-value association:

(Entries also have metadata such as timestamps, source information, etc.)

Databins can have a data signature that specifies data semantics for the data in them:

Databins can be publicly open or permission controlled.

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