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Wolfram Technology System for Junior & Community Colleges

Give your students and faculty instant access to the world's most popular learning and teaching technology

Whether you're teaching algebra or economics, education or animation, Wolfram tools give students and faculty a proven path to faster learning, deeper engagement, and the latest transferable skills.

With Wolfram tools, faculty can deliver compelling interactive lectures and material—and students can easily generate self-testing problems and get customized tutor-style solutions.

The Wolfram Technology System for Junior & Community Colleges gives your students and faculty one-stop-shop access to Wolfram tools through the web, apps, laptops, and tablets—delivering the world's most popular university technology at junior- and community-college prices.

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Intended for

Technical Colleges, Vocational Schools, Trade Schools, Junior Colleges, Community Colleges

Special Programs

  • Part-Time Students
  • Commuter Students
  • Transfer Programs
  • Adjunct Faculty
  • Online Education
  • Hybrid Courses
  • Remote Campuses
  • Study Centers
  • Testing Centers
  • College Consortia
  • Continuing Education Programs
  • Summer Programs
  • Practical Training Programs
  • Course & Learning Management Systems
  • Education Analytics
  • Accessibility
  • Multilingual Needs
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Fields & Departments

Wolfram technologies are used across universities for both teaching and research.


Introduce your students to quantitative data and methods—with easy computation; compelling visualizations; and built-in knowledge about crops, livestock, climate, bioinformatics, GIS, markets, and more.


Wolfram tools provide a unique way to teach business students quantitative thinking and modern computational methods—all with hands-on access to extensive real‑world data.

Earth & Environmental Science

Give your students instant access to calculations and real-world data in geology, meteorology, and more, building quantitative skills and preparing your students for the computational future.


Prepare your students for computation-enabled lesson plans with Wolfram's broad tools, which are applicable to all levels of education and diverse visual, verbal, and other learning styles.


Use Wolfram tools to teach the principles of geodesy and geographic computation—with instant access to extensive mapping and other data, as well as compelling visualization.

Medical & Health Sciences

Build quantitative skills with immediate access to real-world calculations, data, and visualization in medicine, nursing, dentistry, nutrition, kinesiology, and more.

Physical Sciences

Do compelling classroom demonstrations (including with lab equipment) and give your students tools for instant calculation, visualization, and data analysis—and step‑by‑step solutions—including real-world data.

Bio & Life Sciences

Introduce quantitative methods and prepare your students for the computational future with instant access to state-of-the-art visualization, bioinformatics, statistics, and modeling—as well as chemical and biological data.

Computer Science/Information Systems

Use the breakthrough Wolfram Language to make it dramatically easier for your students to create real-world programs and understand principles—with instant visualization, interface construction, built-in data, etc.

Digital Arts

The Wolfram Language provides a new way to teach the principles of 2D and 3D geometry, design, and animation—as well as game structure—and to let your students create impressive websites and artwork.


Wolfram tools provide compelling visualizations and instant access to broad economic data—making it uniquely easy for students to build quantitative understanding with real-world data and computation.

Engineering & Industrial Technology

Give your students instant access to the engineering calculations and data they need, building quantitative skills with interactive visualizations and step‑by‑step solutions.


Wolfram products provide essential tools to make math easy and accessible—with instant interactive visualizations, automatic self-testing, and step‑by‑step solutions—and an immediate path to university math.

Social Sciences

Use Wolfram tools to give your students an easy and compelling introduction to data analysis and quantitative thinking with instant access to real-world data and interactive visualizations.

Software & Web Development

Use the breakthrough Wolfram Language to introduce your students to the latest programming tools and methodologies—and make it easy for them to build impressive state-of-the-art projects.

Benefits for the Entire Campus

For Students

STEM Homework Help

The Wolfram Technology System gives students access to tools that act as a private STEM tutor, which they can use on or off campus—with interactive visualizations for exploring difficult-to-understand concepts, homework solvers, and tools to learn how to program.

Adopted by Millions of Users

Used throughout the technical and educational communities, Wolfram technologies give students a jump-start as they enter college with skills they'll use throughout their academic and professional careers.

Important Skill to Reference on University Application

Considered the computing standard throughout the higher education and technical communities, Wolfram technologies provide students with a jump-start by giving them access to the same tools that students learn in university courses.

For Faculty

Minimize Class Prep Time

Wolfram technologies are interactive and easy to use, allowing you to create on-the-fly visualizations during class that are based on student questions and work with a wide variety of learning styles. And with close to 10,000 interactive visualizations available for free download, you can embed pre-made examples into your own lessons immediately rather than re-creating them from scratch.

Add Live Computations to Your CMS and LMS

Wolfram technologies are compatible with all of the top CMS and LMS systems, making it much easier to integrate them into courses than a calculator. This enables you to embed live computations and interactive visualizations into your lecture materials and videos, creating a platform through which local and remote students can refine skills, increase their understanding, and seek guidance from peers and instructors.

For IT Departments

Support for All Types of Devices

Whether you choose to make the Wolfram Technology System available to students via computer labs, classroom carts, tablets, mobile devices, personal laptops, interactive whiteboards, or cloud accounts that eliminate installation and IT administration time altogether, students can share files across a variety of devices.

Replace Course-Specific Technology

Rather than purchasing specialized software for one instructor or course, Wolfram technologies can be used in a variety of STEM and non-STEM classes, saving your school money.

Streamline Access and Save Administration Time

Enable faculty, staff and students to use their institutional logins for all your online Wolfram tech—removing the need to fulfill requests or manage users while still ensuring that only those currently affiliated with your organization have access.

For Administrators

Save Money, Maximize Access

Consolidate individual departmental Wolfram technology purchases with the Wolfram Technology System, a complete solution that saves money and maximizes access.

Use Cross-Discipline, Cross-Campus, Systemwide

Instructors across large courses, departments, and campuses can use the Wolfram Technology System to collaborate and share their ideas, refining course content and improving the quality of the course.

Reach Commuter Students and Nontraditional Learners

The Wolfram Technology System provides an identical, engaging learning experience for online courses, hybrid courses, and on-campus courses to accommodate adult learners and nontraditional students.

Maximum Control with Minimal Effort

Providing Wolfram tech to faculty, staff and students is easy and secure when paired with your institution's authentication system. Single sign-on (SSO) support allows users to log in with their institutional credentials, instantly gaining access to online Wolfram tech only for as long as they're employed by or studying at your organization.

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