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Wolfram Technology System for Colleges & Teaching Universities

Enrich teaching across your campus with the power of Wolfram tools

Wolfram technologies have been a mainstay of the world's major educational institutions for three decades. Initially most popular in areas such as mathematics and physics, the use of Wolfram technologies has gradually spread to many other fields.

Now—especially with Wolfram|Alpha and the Wolfram Language—Wolfram has dramatically expanded its offerings for higher education, bringing the power of deep but easy-to-use computation to areas that have never been able to benefit from computation before—and opening up major opportunities to create innovative curricula that use Wolfram tools to integrate learning across departments.

The Wolfram Technology System comprehensively delivers both classic and new Wolfram technologies to students and faculty across campus.

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Intended for

State Universities, Private Colleges, Liberal Arts Colleges, Technical Colleges, Religious Colleges,
Military Colleges, Historically Black Colleges, Online Universities

Special Programs

  • College Consortia
  • Affiliated Remote & International Campuses
  • Libraries
  • Study-Abroad Programs
  • Continuing Education Programs
  • Summer Programs
  • Practical-Training Programs
  • Distance-Education Programs
  • STEM Centers
  • Outreach Programs
  • MOOCs
  • Enterpreneurism Programs
  • Course & Learning Management Systems
  • Education Analytics
  • Accessibility
  • Multilingual Needs
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Fields & Departments

Wolfram technologies provide a uniform computational environment for students and faculty across campus.


Prepare your students for the computational future, studying such topics as simulation, optimization, remote sensing, bioinformatics and connected device networks.

Art & Design

Let your students use Wolfram tools to explore and create cutting-edge algorithmic and interactive art—and get a way to introduce valuable modern programming skills to a full spectrum of artistically oriented students.

Chemical Sciences

From homework calculations with built-in chemical data to classroom demonstrations and experimental data capture, Wolfram tools let your students apply modern computation to chemistry.


Wolfram tools provide a unique environment for students to engage directly with real-world economics data and do their own computations, simulations and more.


From homework calculations to real-world design projects, students can use Wolfram tools—with their wealth of built-in knowledge, algorithms and device connectivity—across all areas of engineering.


Let your students explore humanities in a new way with quantitative analysis, modeling and computation, using Wolfram tools and built-in data to discover and visualize patterns based on text, image and network analysis.

Library & Information Sciences

Introduce your students to computational knowledge, data mining, data curation and more—and introduce valuable programming skills with the unique knowledge-based Wolfram Language.

Mathematical Sciences

For both math majors and others, Wolfram products provide the essential computational backbone to teach mathematical thinking and skills, and aid understanding of all forms of math subject matter.


From music theory homework and demonstrations to composing modern algorithmic music, Wolfram tools introduce your students to the power of computers in music.


As computers become a subject of philosophical discussion, use Wolfram tools to introduce your students to AI, knowledge representation or emergent behavior—as well as to illustrate symbolic logic.


Let your students easily do state-of-the-art experiments with text, images, social networks and more—and learn modern data analysis and visualization techniques.


Treat your students to state-of-the-art statistical tools, including visualization and machine learning; explore thousands of domains of built-in data; and use Wolfram tools to manipulate formulas as well as numbers.


Wolfram tools allow state-of-the-art creation and exploration of geometric form as well as introduce students to modern simulation, analysis and planning techniques.


Wolfram tools provide a unique way to teach business students modern quantitative and computational thinking as well as support state-of-the-art quantitative finance, business modeling and analytics.

Computer Science

With its high level of automation and built-in knowledge, the Wolfram Language gives students a uniquely accessible new path to modern computer science and computational thinking.

Earth & Environmental Science

Expose your students to real-world earth and environmental science computations, with extensive built-in data and feeds, as well as working with geodesy and connecting to sensor devices.


Prepare your students for computation-enabled lesson plans with Wolfram's broad tools that are applicable to all levels of education and diverse visual, verbal and other learning styles.


Use Wolfram tools to introduce geographic computation, with instant access to extensive mapping and other data, and easy data and image analysis and visualization.


Introduce your students to statistics, finance and other quantitative areas—and prepare them for the role of computation in modeling, visualization, natural language processing and data mining.

Life Sciences

Introduce your students to computational methods in the life sciences, including bioinformatics, statistics, modeling and image analysis—as well as analyzing and visualizing data from their lab experiments.

Medicine & Health Sciences

From quick calculations and data lookups to systematic data analyses and visualizations, Wolfram tools let you build quantitative skills and introduce modern computational methods to medical and health students.

Physical Sciences

From classroom simulations to homework calculations, Wolfram tools provide the essential computations and data for physics, and now also allow direct connection to experimental apparatus.

Social Sciences

From simple statistics to explorations of extensive built-in data and instructive simulations, Wolfram tools introduce students to computation in the social sciences.

New directions

  • Computational Science
  • Data Science
  • Computational Literacy
  • Scientific Computing

Benefits for the Entire Campus

For Students

The Technology Choice for All Courses

The Wolfram Technology System can be used by students at any course level regardless of differences in textbooks, knowledge levels or teaching styles.

Adopted by Millions of Users

Used heavily in industry, government and research universities, Wolfram technologies provide students with important knowledge and skills they'll use later in their careers.

For Faculty

Minimize Class Prep Time

Students are often familiar with Wolfram technologies by the time they enter college, having used them in high school. For those few who need a refresher, free tutorials and peer-created examples help get them up to speed quickly outside of class time.

One Environment for All Class Materials

The Wolfram Technology System is a unified environment for your lecture notes, videos, calculations, class examples and student projects. Now there's no need to jump between several disparate programs to get your work done.

For IT Departments

Support for All Types of Technology

Save IT time and overhead by eliminating software that only runs on one type of system. The Wolfram Technology System gives users the option to work locally on any major desktop operating system, develop and deploy content in the cloud, and embed content into webpages, as well as access via mobile devices.

Replace Course-Specific Technology

Rather than purchasing specialized software for each textbook or type of course, Wolfram technologies can be used in a variety of departments on campus, allowing you to replace niche educational technology and save money.

Streamline Access and Save Administration Time

Enable faculty, staff and students to use their institutional logins for all your online Wolfram tech—removing the need to fulfill requests or manage users while still ensuring that only those currently affiliated with your organization have access.

For Administrators

Save Money, Maximize Access

Consolidate individual departmental Wolfram technology purchases with the Wolfram Technology System, a complete solution that saves money and maximizes access.

Join the Elite

Wolfram technologies are the standard in higher education, a wide range of areas in industry and government labs. This means that when you adopt the Wolfram Technology System, you're providing your campus community with access to the same technology used by innovators worldwide.

Use Cross-Discipline, Cross-Campus, Systemwide

The Wolfram Technology System provides a cross-discipline solution, so faculty and staff across departments can collaborate and develop course materials as a team. The same technologies can be used for collaboration across different research projects for undergraduates (REU), departments, colleges and systems.

Inspire Innovation

Linked to many major teaching awards, Wolfram technologies provide a platform for innovative faculty to inject computation into their classroom-based, online and hybrid courses.

Maximum Control with Minimal Effort

Providing Wolfram tech to faculty, staff and students is easy and secure when paired with your institution's authentication system. Single sign-on (SSO) support allows users to log in with their institutional credentials, instantly gaining access to online Wolfram tech only for as long as they're employed by or studying at your organization.

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