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White Papers

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CUDA Programming Using Wolfram Finance Platform

Scale up performance with GPU-equipped hardware and the programming ease of use of Wolfram Finance Platform.

PDF (3.7MB) | CDF (3.8MB)

Identifying Business Cycles Using RLink in Wolfram Finance Platform

Test the idea of market cycles with RLink, Wolfram Finance Platform's built-in application to connect with the R statistical computing language.

PDF (705KB) | CDF (614KB)

Backtesting Trading Strategies Using Wolfram Finance Platform

Simulate your strategies on historical data and create backtesting reports that enable you to conduct thorough trading system analyses.

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Interactive Reports and Apps

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Dynamic Portfolio Analysis

Determine the relationships between asset classes and identify their correlations using graphs and network analyses.

ZIP file (1.9MB)

Finding Patterns in Price with
Charts & Wavelets

Find patterns in stock price fluctuations with Kagi, Renko and other financial charts. Analyze this data using wavelet transforms.

ZIP file (110KB)

Performing Liquidity Trap Analysis

Visualize relationships between datasets and spot liquidity traps using an interactive dashboard.

ZIP file (47.2MB)

Visualize Portfolio Construction with Graphs

Select equities, study their correlation structures and identify the elements of a diversified portfolio.

ZIP file (2.3MB)

Set Up a Currency Trade Alert

Analyze exchange rate trends with advanced forecasting algorithms and make trading decisions based on trade deadline, estimated future trend and risk preference.

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Report Generation How To

Generate reports automatically and convert ordinary notebooks to interactive reports using the Report Generation palette.

(2:47 min)

BloombergLink in Action

Flow live Bloomberg desktop data into any computation or visualization. Using an intuitive point-and-click interface, find the parameters you need and automatically generate code to connect that data feed into your application.

(1:59 min)

Best of Both Worlds with RLink

Discover the benefits of Wolfram Finance Platform's built-in integration with the R statistical computing language.

(13:46 min)