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  • New special regions including Annulus, SphericalShell, AffineSpace, and more. »
  • Fast, simple bounding regions for points and meshes. »
  • New mesh region constructors from arrays, images, or meshes. »
  • Ready-made geometric regions from curated collections. »
  • Built-in plot themes to easily tailor plots for mesh-based regions. »
  • Comprehensive support of fixed-frame or moving-frame rotations in 3D. »
  • Directly print 3D solid regions. »
  • New and improved region properties, including moment of inertia for regions. »
  • State-of-the-art detection of defects in meshes and automatic repair. »
  • Automatic simplification of derived regions. »
  • Support for DAE file format and improved import of STL, OBJ, PLY, and DXF. »
  • Comprehensive built-in plotting over regions. »
  • Enhanced support for solving partial differential equations over regions. »

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