Wolfram Language

Where to Use the Wolfram Language

Maximum-Productivity Programming

Routinely 10x faster development than with other languages

A key idea of the Wolfram Language is to maximize programmer productivity by automating as much as possible and by building as much as possible directly into the language.

  • Call on vast built-in computation and knowledge resources
  • Build only the unique parts of your code; rely on the language for everything else
  • Create concise readable code, easy to debug interactively
  • Build up large systems incrementally as symbolic components

Algorithmically Oriented Programming

Leverage Wolfram's three decades of algorithm development

If you're doing algorithmically oriented programming, it simply doesn't make sense to use anything other than the Wolfram Language.

  • World's largest unified web of built-in algorithms across all areas
  • Highly optimized original algorithms for key algorithmic operations
  • Automatic algorithm selection provides maximum efficiency
  • Code sizes 10x–100x smaller than with lower-level languages
  • Over three decades of usage by the world's top algorithmic developers
  • Vast built-in knowledge and data as well as algorithms

Computing with Real-World Data

Real-world computing battle-tested with Wolfram|Alpha

The Wolfram Language is unique in its integration of real-world constructs and entities directly into the language.

  • Full algorithmic ontology directly built into the language
  • Compute directly with units, geography, dates, images and thousands of other domains
  • Detailed built-in computable knowledge about millions of entities
  • Integrated natural language for easy real-world input

Ultra-High-Level Scripting

Use the power of the Wolfram Language to script anything

The symbolic character of the Wolfram Language makes it ideal for ultra-high-level scripting of external systems and languages—routinely vastly improving on existing native interfaces.

  • Immediate interactive sessions through notebooks
  • Support for diverse API and function call interfaces
  • Immediate connection to analytics and visualization
  • Programmable natural language input

Poetic and Recreational Programming

The language of elegant computation

A single line of Wolfram Language code can express an immensely sophisticated computation.

  • Elegant language intended to express broad computational ideas
  • Symbolic language allows direct handling of structure and data
  • Language concentrates on concepts; automates implementation
  • Routinely the shortest and most elegant entry in language comparisons

High-Level Metaprogramming

Manipulate big code as easily as data

The symbolic character of the Wolfram Language—and its integration of computable documents—makes it an ideal choice for metaprogramming and symbolic code manipulation.

  • Code, data, interfaces, etc. are all represented as manipulable symbolic expressions
  • Deep support for pattern matching and transformation rules
  • Automatic symbolic document generation and manipulation
  • Built-in coverage of sophisticated mathematical and computer science techniques
  • Immediate analysis and visualization

Self-Documenting Large-Scale Development

The language scales well up to the largest software projects

The Wolfram Language supports multi-million-line software development by large teams, with uniquely modular symbolic interfaces and integrated rich documentation capabilities.

  • Keep runnable code, with examples and explanations, in notebooks
  • Uniquely readable and concise code
  • Symbolic language allows arbitrary data structures to be passed between components
  • Interoperability with code repositories; analysis and visualization of code structure
  • Built-in verification-testing capabilities with automated analysis

Rapid Concept Deployment

The fastest path from idea to product

Through the Wolfram Universal Deployment System, the Wolfram Language provides an unprecedentedly direct path to production-scale deployment on desktop, cloud, mobile and embedded systems.

  • Deploy code for production use on the web etc. in seconds
  • Automatically create interfaces for humans and machines
  • Create the simplest possible code for implementing concepts
  • Use symbolic programming to build and deploy code incrementally

Analytics/Visualization Programming

A long history of top analyses and visualizations

The Wolfram Language sets the gold standard for analytics and visualization, with an unprecedented level of power and ease of use on the desktop and in the cloud.

  • World's largest web of built-in analytics algorithms and methods
  • Deep coverage of all forms of visualization, 2D, 3D, network, etc. with interactivity
  • Uniform symbolic handling of all forms of data including images, networks, etc.
  • Programmatically generate rich interactive computable reports
  • Maximum automation for optimal algorithms, computational aesthetics, etc.

Programming the Internet of Things

Designed for ubiquitous computing of the future

With its device framework, ability to handle real-world data, built-in distributed computing and both cloud and embedded implementations, the Wolfram Language is in a unique position to support the Internet of Things.

  • Immediate data standardization through Wolfram Data Framework (WDF)
  • Built-in highly automated analysis and visualization
  • Full cloud infrastructure, supporting apps, APIs, etc.
  • Broad industry connections (Wolfram Connected Devices Project)
  • Native support on next-generation embedded processors

Programming Education

A language worthy of today's generation of students

The modern knowledge-based character of the Wolfram Language makes it uniquely suitable as a programming language, in which small amounts of code can produce remarkable results.

  • Create sophisticated programs with shortest possible code
  • Use the fusion character of the language to teach broad programming concepts
  • Work in interactive notebooks, ideally suited for live demonstrations
  • Debug easily by building incrementally with symbolic programming
  • Create immediate compelling visualizations
  • Run locally or in the cloud, using only a web browser
  • Use natural language input to avoid any syntax learning
  • Broad coverage of system reaches all STEM areas

Exploratory/Developmental Programming

Think better in the Wolfram Language

With its vast built-in capabilities and document-based interactive interface, the Wolfram Language is unique in supporting an immensely productive style of exploratory and developmental programming.

  • Use interactive notebooks to carry out and document your explorations
  • Built-in automation, algorithms and knowledge dramatically speeds up explorations
  • Symbolic language avoids "harness" code, and allows immediate code reuse
  • Immediately deploy finished code
  • Widely used for decades by some of the world's top scientists and technologists

Broad Multiplatform Deployments

A language that describes its own deployment

The Wolfram Language not only supports uniform deployment across a broad range of computational environments, but also the deployments to be described and programmed within the language itself.

  • Write a single Wolfram Language program and deploy it universally
  • Every deployment in the Wolfram Language is described symbolically and is fully scriptable
  • The Wolfram Language represents not only code and data, but also documents and interfaces

Legacy Codebase Modernization

Give even the oldest code a sleek modern skin

The Wolfram Language offers an ideal modernizing wrapper for legacy code, providing interactive interfaces, cloud and mobile operation and state-of-the-art software modularization.

  • Call legacy code through WSTP (Wolfram Symbolic Transfer Protocol) or other connectors
  • Define modern symbolic constructs to represent legacy data structures and functions
  • Immediately add state-of-the-art interfaces, visualization, analysis, programmability, etc.
  • Instantly create modern cloud and mobile deployments
  • Use modern interface methodologies, including natural language

And More....

The Wolfram Language is what's made possible all Wolfram products and services, from Mathematica to Wolfram|Alpha to WolframTones.

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