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  • Compute displacements of pixels for motion and other temporal analysis. »
  • Fast conversion from 2D and 3D images to region mesh objects. »
  • Dynamic viewing (zoom, pan, etc.) of in-memory and out-of-core images. »
  • Easier to use and more powerful image highlighting. »
  • New focus and exposure stacking functions. »
  • Built-in support for OCR of some 60 languages. »
  • Better support for images and colors in clustering functions. »
  • Easier to use and more efficient component measurements and selection. »
  • Creation of structured datasets of components from image analysis functions. »
  • Support for filtering regularly or irregularly sampled time series. »
  • New functions to align sequences with local deformations. »
  • More filter design, including biquadratic filter. »
  • Speed improvements in several functions.

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