Wolfram Language

Contribute FEM Programmatic Utilities

Collaborate with Wolfram Research and fellow Wolfram Language enthusiasts on the open source Finite Element AddOns.

Download and install the latest community-driven FEMAddOns from GitHub.

Once installed, to get an overview of the functionality provided, search for "FEMAddOns" in the help system.

To explore the functionality provided, load the paclet.

Generate a structured quadrilateral mesh.

Generate structured hexahedron meshes in 3D.

Convert triangular meshes to quadrilateral meshes. First, generate a triangle element mesh.

Convert the triangle mesh to a quadrilateral mesh.

Use DistMesh to create a smoothed, refined mesh.

Run a domain decomposition solver on a cluster with several compute kernels.

Visualize a domain decomposed mesh.

All functions have extensive documentation that can be inspected in the help system in the usual manner once the paclet is installed.

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