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Number Theory Packages

Number Theory Packages
(PARI/GP, Magma, Kant, NTL, ...)
Mathematica not only has broad and deep coverage of state-of-the-art number theory, but also immediately integrates number theory into the complete Mathematica computation and interface environment. Mathematica's unequaled web of symbolic, numeric and other algorithms has made possible a new generation of number theoretic functionality, with many original algorithms developed at Wolfram Research. Mathematica's number theoretic functions are fully scalable, and can immediately be used in high-performance computing, and with gridMathematica.
Number Theory Package Features Built into Mathematica:
Key Advantages of Mathematica for Number Theory:
Interoperability with Number Theory Packages:
Interesting Tidbits:
  • Many significant number theory discoveries have been made with Mathematica
  • Wolfram Research has developed many original number theory algorithms
  • Mathematica won the "Many Digits" Friendly Competition by a large margin
  • Mathematica holds many records for number theoretic computation
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