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Programming Languages

Programming Languages
(C, C++, Java, C#, Fortran, Pascal, ...)
Over the past two decades many important production systems across science, engineering and finance have been built in Mathematica. With the world's largest integrated web of highly efficient algorithms and a remarkable breadth of interoperability, Mathematica offers a unique level of productivity in the creation of reliable complex software systems.
Fully supporting modern cross-platform distributed computing environments, Mathematica raises the bar for computer languages by immediately including fully integrated dynamic visualization and advanced interface building, as well as sophisticated document generation and an unprecedented level of external data integration.
Mathematica's very high-level character and unified scalable architecture makes it possible to start creating sophisticated programs almost immediately, and then smoothly transition to full production systems deployed in enterprise, web and other environments—with long-term stability and automatic seamless algorithm upgrading.
Increasingly popular in computer science education for its power and immediacy, Mathematica defines a new level for the development of software applications—for the first time making practical concepts like symbolic representation and analysis of large-scale software architectures.
Standard Programming Language Features in Mathematica:
Key Advantages of Mathematica as a Programming Language:
Interoperability with Other Programming Languages:
Interesting Tidbits:
  • Most of Mathematica is developed in the Mathematica language
  • The complete software engineering system for Mathematica is written in Mathematica
  • Wolfram Research's world-class software testing system is written in Mathematica
  • High-traffic websites such as WolframTones and Wolfram Mathematica Online Integrator are completely written in Mathematica
  • Mathematica is often the first major software product running on new computer architectures
  • Mathematica is taught as a first programming language in many university courses
  • Mathematica is now routinely being learned by grade-school-age children
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