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The Mathematica Story: A Scrapbook

Three Decades of Contributions to Invention, Discovery and Education

Guillermo Sanchez, Mathematica user since 1991

I was born and I live in Spain. I had my first contact with Mathematica at the end of 1991, when I visited USA, and I was impressed by the program. I was in my thirties and worked as a manager of a company. I had left the academic world a few years before, but when I realized the power of Mathematica, I decided to earn my Ph.D. using it. I could concentrate on the main ideas, avoiding tedious computation. I finished it in a short time, although I continued working in my company. Since then I have been a Mathematica enthusiast. I had the opportunity of staying in Champaign in 1999, invited by Wolfram Research as a visiting scholar, where I spent an unforgettable summer.

Now I continue working for companies and teaching at university. In both places, Mathematica is my main tool and I give Mathematica seminars for Spanish users. I even hope to publish a book whose title will be Mathematica más allá de las matematicas (Mathematica beyond Mathematics).

Congratulations to the Wolfram team on Mathematica‘s 25th anniversary.

The past has been brilliant but the future will be better.