Interested in joining the Wolfram Student Ambassador team?

The Wolfram Student Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity for college and exceptional high-school students to teach and inspire others to use Wolfram technology in new and innovative ways.

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While working as ambassadors, students will see an emphasis on professional development and educational growth.

The Wolfram Student Ambassador Program is designed for outstanding students to develop technical and leadership skills.

If you are a technology enthusiast, a sharp coder, a natural leader and a general Wolfram enthusiast, then we want to hear from you! Wolfram Student Ambassadors come from high schools and universities all over the world, and they work to lead events, create content, teach and inspire others using the Wolfram technology stack.

Students customize their ambassadorship to suit their aspirations, skills and abilities. In monthly discussions with their program coordinator, students set goals and challenges for themselves in the coming month.

While many of our students choose to organize Wolfram Language workshops, talks, classes, livecoding events and mini hackathons at their schools and universities, others choose to contribute to Wolfram's wider community by writing computational essays about topics of interest, writing for Wolfram's various blogs, creating video content and publishing research. Students can pick and choose from these activities, and all ambassadors get access to our growing, friendly community.

In addition to building up your resumé, the Wolfram Student Ambassador Program has some great perks:

  • Real-world experience that will set you apart as a professional in the technology world
  • Access to the Wolfram Cloud, Wolfram Mathematica or Wolfram|One
  • Free access to online training at Wolfram U
  • Opportunities to guest blog, present projects, publish results and attend local hackathons as a representative
  • Lasting connections with fellow student ambassadors and leading innovators in the tech industry
  • Participation in roundtables with top Wolfram developers
  • Early notification of product releases
  • Free admission to, and the opportunity to speak at, the Wolfram Technology Conference
  • Wolfram swag for yourself and to hand out at your events
  • Opportunities to host and participate in developer office hours
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