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The Mathematica Story: A Scrapbook

Three Decades of Contributions to Invention, Discovery and Education

Robert Lucas, Retired Engineer

I have worked with Mathematica almost all the time from the beginning. While working for a division of Beloit Corporation (Paper-Making Machinery), I started using Mathematica a year or so before I had my own personal license.

….I utilize only a small portion of its capacity. As expected, this is typical of most sophisticated high-level programs. Everybody has their own needs. There is obviously a lot to choose from. There is everything that I need—and more!

I have found that from an engineer’s/research scientist’s perspective, doing:

1. analytical work to resolve an applied mechanics problem,
2. a dynamic simulation exercise, or
3. an applied mathematics exploration,

I can get to a working solution starting from a blank sheet of paper with greater speed primarily because of:

1. the greatly enhanced graphing capabilities,
2. the ability to switch back and forth between symbolic mode and real numbers, and
3. the capacity to work with increased precision when necessary.

Having worked with applications such as Basic, Visual Basic, Fortran, ACSL, Excel, etc., they cannot start to compare in productive efficiency to Mathematica.

….Though I am now retired, since 2006, after working almost half of my 45 years of my professional engineering life in an R&D environment, I still work seriously with Mathematica….

Your team is doing a great job; keep up the good work.