Operations Research
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Operations Research 6.0

Package for Solving a Broad Range of Problems in Optimization

Mathematica 11 compatible Operations Research is a Wolfram Language package for solving problems in linear optimization, quadratic programming, shortest-path tasks, combinatorial optimization, heuristics, graph theory and game theory. With Operations Research and the Wolfram Language, you can solve a broad range of typical problems encountered in university courses and in daily practical work, and can model and solve optimization problems in a very convenient and interactive manner.

Operations Research contains five package files that are called from the master package OperationsResearch.m. The documentation includes a large selection of example notebooks, with typical problems that can be solved in Operations Research. The notebook collection serves as a guide to dealing with a broad class of optimization tasks.

About the Developer

SoftAS develops programs for education and research—specifically for the areas of optimization and operations research. These programs collect standard algorithms, which allow for an easy and intuitive use.

Product Support

Operations Research is developed and supported by SoftAS GbR.

SoftAS GbR
An der Gärtnerei 8
D-04205 Leipzig
fax: +49-(0)341-9413285
email: softas_gbr@yahoo.com and perlt5@t-online.de

Operations Research 6 requires Mathematica 9 or greater and is available for Windows and Linux.