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Wolfram Programming Lab is a legacy product.
All the same functionality and features, including access to Programming Lab Explorations, are available with Wolfram|One.
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Wolfram Programming Lab uses the Wolfram Language,
the same language that powers Wolfram|Alpha and
that's used in top research and development organizations

The Wolfram Language concept: make the language do the work, not you! Automate as much as possible, so you write a tiny piece of code, and the computer figures out everything else.

When you learn the Wolfram Language, you're also learning Mathematica: the software used for technical courses at 90% of universities in the United States.

Systematic Introduction

Wolfram Programming Lab has a step-by-step introductory programming course built right in. Written by Stephen Wolfram himself, An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language teaches you the basics of the Wolfram Language in a straightforward, accessible way—even if you've never coded before.

For Educators

With the breakthrough knowledge-based Wolfram Language, students can use tiny amounts of immediately readable code to create programs that involve real-world data, generate impressive graphics, and explore an immense range of computational topics—learning not only coding, but also broad STEM skills.

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