Wolfram Language

Products and Ecosystem

A Sample of Products Based on the Wolfram Language

Wolfram Development Platform

Programming system based on the Wolfram Language, with immediate deployment to the cloud

Wolfram Programming Lab

Start using today's most advanced programming language to create amazing programs, and get introduced to modern computational thinking

Wolfram Discovery Platform

Environment for R&D based on the power of the Wolfram Language

Wolfram Mathematica

Wolfram's flagship technical computation system—using the Wolfram Language in preliminary form for 25+ years

Wolfram Language + Raspberry Pi

Version of the Wolfram Language bundled with the Raspberry Pi operating system

Wolfram Data Framework (WDF)

Knowledge representation for WDF provided by the Wolfram Language


Wolfram's Computable Document Format, making documents live using Wolfram Language code

Wolfram Workbench

Multi-language Eclipse-based IDE with full Wolfram Language support

Core Implementation Environments

The Wolfram Language is implemented by the Wolfram Engine, which runs in many modern environments—with identical core functionality, but with a variety of interfaces and deployment channels.
Learn about the Wolfram Engine Integration System »

Wolfram Desktop

Interactive notebook or command-line interface, running on Mac, Windows and Unix systems

Wolfram Cloud

Interactive, API and other interfaces, running in the cloud

Wolfram Cloud App

Mobile access to the Wolfram Engine

Embedded, Library, SDK, etc.

Versions of the Wolfram Engine fitting a wide range of software engineering needs

Wolfram Language Community

Through its evolution in Mathematica for more than 25 years, the Wolfram Language already has a large worldwide community of enthusiastic users.

The Whole Mathematica Community Knows It

While the full Wolfram Language goes far beyond what is in Mathematica, any of the millions of people who have used Mathematica over the 25+ years will find it familiar and immediately accessible.

An Ecosystem of Books, Training, Conferences, Consulting

The rich ecosystem that has developed around Mathematica in the past 25 years is immediately applicable to the Wolfram Language.

Almost Every Major University

Through site licenses for Mathematica and other Wolfram products, millions of students are exposed to Wolfram Language technology every year.

Active Online Communities

Wolfram Community and Mathematica StackExchange are two examples of active online communities.

More Than a Generation of the Best Minds

From Nobel Prize winners to high school students, a wide range of talented people have learned the Wolfram Language through Mathematica over the past 25 years.

The Wolfram Language Is Fun!

In addition to its widespread professional and educational use, Wolfram Language technology has long been a favorite of hobbyists and makers who want to study, create or just have fun.

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