Wolfram Mathematica 9—Seamlessly Flow Ideas to Results: Compute, Develop, Deploy the Mathematica Way

What Is Mathematica?

Almost any workflow involves computing results, and that's what Mathematica does—from building a hedge-fund trading website or publishing interactive engineering textbooks, to developing embedded image-recognition algorithms or teaching calculus.

Mathematica is renowned as the world's ultimate application for computations. But it's much more—it's the only development platform fully integrating computation into complete workflows, moving you seamlessly from initial ideas all the way to deployed individual or enterprise solutions.

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Over 25 Years of Experience—Millions of Users

With more than 25 years of experience and millions of users from Fortune 500 companies to government departments to thousands of universities worldwide, Mathematica technology lies behind many of the world's most impressive projects, processes, and organizations—and your future innovation? Discover the key advantages that set Mathematica apart.

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