Finding the Missing Link: Building an Integrated System in Mathematica

Frank Scherbaum, Geophysics Professor, University of Potsdam

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The Mathematica Edge
  • Contains a robust package of tools for writing and maintaining documentation
  • Provides an integrated development environment
  • Dramatically enhances programming possibilities with interactive animation features
"To be able to use symbolic computation along with numerics, along with this incredible graphics capability and now with the dynamic possibilities to program things, I think this is something I don't want to miss because it makes my teaching life also much, much easier."


Mathematica has long been Frank Scherbaum's tool of choice for his research in seismic hazard analysis. Over the years, he's developed more than 700 functions for his geophysics and seismology studies along with numerous interactive tutorials and Demonstrations.

Now, he's using Mathematica's powerful documentation tools to link all of his work into an integrated system that will be deployed for students, teachers, and researchers to use in their probabilistic seismic hazard analysis work.

Scherbaum says, "This is a big advantage to have something in one place where everything works together and where everything is consistent.... You can concentrate on what you want to learn and how you want to learn a program."

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