Creating a Calorimeter: Using Mathematica to Measure Dielectric Loss
Frederic Aitken, Electrical Engineering Lab of Grenoble
Play (4:37)»
Connecting Worlds: Bridging Architecture and Engineering with Mathematica
Maurizio Brocato, School of Architecture Paris-Malaquais
Play (3:57)»
A Measure of Success: Designing Hearing Aid Parts with Mathematica
Daniel Warren, Director of Research, Knowles Electronics
Play (2:23)»
Bringing New Ideas into Focus: Image Quality Analysis with Mathematica
Fritz Lebowsky, Senior Principal Engineer, STMicroelectronics
Play (3:15)»
The All-in-One Environment for Civil Engineering: Digging into River-Aquifer Interactions with Mathematica
Diego Oviedo-Salcedo, PhD Candidate, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Play (2:18)»
A Clear Solution: Optimizing Optics with Mathematica
Donald Barnhart, Lead Developer and Chief Optical Scientist, Optica Software-iCyt
Play (3:21)»

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