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Statistical Visualization

Mathematica 8 brings a high level of algorithm automation and computational aesthetics to statistical visualization. Histograms—binned or smoothed—show the shapes of distributions. Quantile and probability plots compare data to a reference distribution. Box-and-whisker and distribution charts compare the distribution shapes for several datasets.

  • New pairwise histogram and density histogram functions. »
  • Additional automatic binning methods.
  • Direct support for several distribution functions (PDF, CDF, survival function, hazard function, cumulative hazard function) for all histogram functions. »
  • New suite of smooth kernel density estimate-based visualization functions for univariate and bivariate distributions. »
  • Fully automatic adaptive bandwidth selection or advanced user control for ideal tradeoff between smoothing and noise in density estimates.
  • Direct support for several distributions (PDF, CDF, survival function, hazard function, cumulative hazard function) for all smooth kernel density estimates. »
  • Support for logarithmic scaling of binned or kernel density-based histograms.
  • New quantile-quantile and probability-probability plot functions. »
  • Automatic support for data vs. data, data vs. distribution, and distribution vs. distribution in quantile-quantile and probability-probability plot functions.
  • Automatic parameter estimation in quantile-quantile and probability-probability plots when comparing to a distribution family.
  • New probability-scale plot supporting Weibull, normal, exponential, Gumbel, etc. plots. »
  • Automatic support for probability scales and probability-paper in probability scale plots.
  • New fully customizable box-and-whisker chart function. »
  • New distribution chart functionality showing complete distribution shape estimates. »
  • Full suite of chart element functions for a wide variety of aesthetics for box-and-whisker and distribution charting functions.
Binned and Smoothed Histograms »Several Different Distribution Functions »Created Paired Histograms for Comparing Data »
Specify Bin Sizes for Histograms »Specify Bandwidth and Kernel for Smooth Histograms »Log-Scaled Histograms »
Show Bird's-Eye View of 2D Data  »Annotate Binned Density Histograms with Marginal Distributions »Visualize Marginal Distributions for Estimated Distributions »
Q-Q Plots »Compare Data and Distributions with Q-Q Plots »Create Q-Q Plots with Estimated Distribution Parameters »
Probability Plots »Compare Data and Distributions with Probability Plots »Create Probability Plots with Estimated Distribution Parameters »
Plot Data with Axes Scaled for Specific Distributions »Compare Several Datasets in a Single Plot »Compare Multiple Datasets »
Create Box-and-Whisker Charts »Use Built-in Appearances for Box-and-Whisker Charts »Create Custom Box-and-Whisker Appearances »
Create Distribution Charts »Use Built-in Appearances for Distribution Charts »Create Custom Distribution Chart Appearances »
Built-in Library of Chart Appearances »Combine Histograms with Data »Compare University Salaries »

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