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Summary of New Features

Numerical Computation
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  • Major optimization of dense numerical linear algebra.
  • New optimized sparse numerical linear algebra.
  • Support for optimized arbitrary-precision linear algebra.
  • Generalized eigenvalues and singular value decomposition.
  • LinearSolveFunction for repeated linear-system solving.
  • p norms for vectors and matrices.
  • Built-in MatrixRank for exact and approximate matrices.
  • Support for large-scale linear programming, with interior point methods.
  • New methods and array variable support in FindRoot and FindMinimum.
  • FindFit for full nonlinear curve fitting.
  • Constrained global optimization with NMinimize.
  • Support for n-dimensional PDEs in NDSolve.
  • Support for differential-algebraic equations in NDSolve.
  • Support for vector and array-valued functions in NDSolve.
  • Highly extensive collection of automatically accessible algorithms in NDSolve.
  • Finer precision and accuracy control for arbitrary-precision numbers.
  • Higher-efficiency big number arithmetic, including processor-specific optimization.
  • Enhanced algorithms for number-theoretical operations including GCD and FactorInteger.
  • Direct support for high-performance basic statistics functions.

Symbolic Computation
  • Solutions to mixed systems of equations and inequalities in Reduce.
  • Complete solving of polynomial systems over real or complex numbers.
  • Solving large classes of Diophantine equations.
  • ForAll and Exists quantifiers and quantifier elimination.
  • Representation of discrete and continuous algebraic and transcendental solution sets.
  • FindInstance for finding instances of solutions over different domains.
  • Exact constrained minimization over real and integer domains.
  • Integrated support for assumptions using Assuming and Refine.
  • RSolve for solving recurrence equations.
  • Support for nonlinear, partial and q difference equations and systems.
  • Full solutions to systems of rational ordinary differential equations.
  • Support for differential-algebraic equations.
  • CoefficientArrays for converting systems of equations to tensors.

Programming and Core System
  • Integrated language support for sparse arrays.
  • New list programming with Sow and Reap.
  • EvaluationMonitor and StepMonitor for algorithm monitoring.
  • Enhanced timing measurement, including AbsoluteTiming.
  • Major performance enhancements for MathLink.
  • Optimization for 64-bit operating systems and architectures.
  • Support for computations in full 64-bit address spaces.

  • Support for more than 50 import and export formats.
  • High-efficiency import and export of tabular data.
  • PNG, SVG and DICOM graphics and imaging formats.
  • Import and export of sparse matrix formats.
  • MPS linear programming format.
  • Cascading style sheets and XHTML for notebook exporting.
  • Preview version of .NET/Link for integration with .NET.

Notebook Interface
  • Enhanced Help Browser design.
  • Automatic copy/paste switching for Windows.
  • Enhanced support for slide show presentation.
  • AuthorTools support for notebook diffs.

Standard Add-on Packages
  • Statistical plots and graphics.
  • Algebraic number fields.

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Mathematica 9 is now available!
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