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What is New in Mathematica 5.1

Additional Import/Export Formats Including

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A wide range of new importing and exporting formats have been added for Mathematica 5.1, bringing the total to over 70.

Key new formats include:

  • Excel (.xls)--spreadsheet tables load in automatically and format as Mathematica matrices
  • Matlab (.mat)--MAT binary data files (with I/O performance comparable to Matlab's)
  • HDF5--common scientific data format now supported
  • TeX--handled through import/export and automatically on pasting from the clipboard
  • DIF--standard spreadsheet interchange format
  • Movie (.avi)--export-only capability
  • Additionally Import now supports direct import from URLs, as well as automatic uncompression of .gz files

More Details


Mathematica animations can be easily exported as AVI-format movies, allowing them immediately to be incorporated into a wide range of applications--including Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, Macromedia Flash animations, movies produced by Adobe Premiere, and web pages.


Data is easily loaded into Mathematica from Excel spreadsheets for advanced analysis and plotting. In the following example Mathematica calculates and visualizes the optimal shipping strategy based on supply-and-demand data for selected U.S. cities imported from an Excel spreadsheet.


TeX expressions can be pasted directly into Mathematica, where they are interpreted, typeset, and can be evaluated.

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