Workbench Q&A

Q: Which Wolfram products does Workbench work with?
Q: What do I need to install to use Workbench?
To use Workbench you need to have installed Mathematica or any other Workbench-compatible Wolfram product.
Q: What technologies are used in Workbench?
Workbench is built on Mathematica and Eclipse. It makes heavy use of J/Link, the Mathematica toolkit that provides transparent communication between Mathematica and Java.
Q: What is Eclipse?
Eclipse is a leading platform for integrated development environment development. Eclipse is platform-independent and is built around an extension mechanism involving modules known as plugins. Eclipse has a very large number of free and commercial plugins available for carrying out a variety of different tasks. This includes support for languages such as Java, C, C++, and Fortran, as well as support for such things as HTML, XML, UML, and many web technologies. More information on available plugins is at the Eclipse Marketplace. Many companies have built technology based on Eclipse, including IBM, Nokia, Borland, and Adobe.
Q: How does Workbench use Eclipse?
Wolfram Workbench is a Wolfram branded version of Eclipse that contains a number of plugins for working with Mathematica and other Wolfram technologies. You can also install the Workbench plugins into a standalone copy of Eclipse. To get just the plugins, when choosing your Workbench download platform, simply select the "Eclipse" option. In the same way Wolfram Workbench uses the core of Eclipse, third-party plugins install and run just as they would in an Eclipse installation.
Q: What versions of Eclipse are supported?
Wolfram Workbench 2 includes a branded copy of Eclipse 3.5; it is additionally available as a plugin that can be installed into your existing copy of Eclipse 3.4 through 3.8. Eclipse 4.2 is not supported at this time.
Q: If I am running a multi-language development project, can I use Workbench to manage the workflow?
Yes, Workbench can be very useful for multi-language development, due to the wide range of plugins available for Eclipse.
Q: What platforms does Workbench support?
Workbench supports Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
Q: What versions of Mathematica are supported by Workbench?
Workbench supports Mathematica 6 and higher, as well as other Wolfram products that include those versions of Mathematica.
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