Workbench Videos

These videos show you potential workflows for using Wolfram Workbench, going from a concept to a finished Mathematica application.

Wolfram Workbench and Wolfram|Alpha

Two developers describe Workbench's vital role in the creation of Wolfram|Alpha, which has millions of lines of code and hundreds of team members.

[Length: 3:30 minutes]

See how Workbench is launched, and get a basic introduction to some of its tools and key concepts. This video also shows the help system.

[Length: 2:47 minutes]

This video shows how to develop documentation for your Mathematica application.

[Length: 10:14 minutes]
Working with Code and Packages

Find out how to create and work with projects in Workbench, and see some of the many features for working with Mathematica code.

[Length: 4:50 minutes]
Basic Debugging

This video shows how to run and debug your code with Workbench.

[Length: 5:31 minutes]
J/Link Support

This video explains some of the features for working with Java and Mathematica in Workbench.

[Length: 9:21 minutes]

This video demonstrates Workbench's tools for migrating packages to Mathematica.

[Length: 2:03 minutes]
Workbench Unit Tester

This is a demonstration of the unit tester feature of Workbench.

[Length: 8:42 minutes]
Project Export

This recording is a demonstration of Workbench's Mathematica Export Wizard.

[Length: 4:05 minutes]
Profiling Mathematica Code

See how to carry out a performance analysis of your code as it runs. This can help you identify which parts to optimize to increase speed.

[Length: 2:17 minutes]
Debugging and Profiling gridMathematica

This demonstrates Workbench support for gridMathematica. It shows you how to debug your parallel applications, and also how to carry out a performance analysis.

[Length: 3:09 minutes]
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