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Dirk Zimmer

The PlanarMechanics library includes components to describe the physics of multibody systems in a two-dimensional plane. Compared to the standard Modelica MultiBody library, it is simpler to use and it is more optimized to modeling in two dimensions. This comparative simplicity is in part due to the unique description of any body's position by only three parameters; the x and y coordinates and the orientation angle ϕ. Planar models of mechanical systems are useful in many different applications, for example, in contact problems that are more easily modeled in 2D than in 3D.


  • Hierarchical and large-scale modeling of mechanical systems in two dimensions
  • Contains standard components used in 2D mechanics, such as dampers, revolute joints, and sensors
  • Contains subpackages for vehicle wheels and gears
  • Includes a PlanarToMultiBody component that allows the planar models to be connected to 3D models
  • Numerous example models that show the wide variety of systems that can be modeled with the library, such as pendulums, crane crabs, and kinematic loops
  • Automatic animation of models built with PlanarMechanics


Version 1.0 Platforms All Platforms
Updated July 2014 Requirements None
Size <10MB Language English
Library Dependency MSL 3.2 (3.21) Support
SystemModeler Compatibility 4.0 Documentation PlanarMechanics Documentation
    License Modelica License 2
PlanarMechanics Dirk Zimmer