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One year of Premier Service is included with most SystemModeler 4 licenses.

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Benefits of Premier Service

Technical Support Our Wolfram Technical Support experts respond to your technical product questions. We also offer customer service assistance to all customers, such as help with product access or with billing or related questions, regardless of plan level.

Wolfram Community is a platform for our customers to ask questions, share ideas, and participate in discussions about all Wolfram technologies.
Email + phone
Complimentary Products & Services Benefits apply as long as Premier Service is active.
Complimentary upgrades When a new version of your product is released, you will have access to it via the Wolfram User Portal. We will also send you an email notification with a link to download the upgrade for your product. You will be eligible to receive all upgrades during your subscription period free of charge.
Free home-use license When you subscribe to Premier Service, you qualify for free SystemModeler home-use licensing so you can use SystemModeler on a personally owned home computer or dual-boot machine during your subscription period.
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15% off Wolfram Training courses
Discounts & invitations for conferences & events

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One year of Premier Service is included with most new SystemModeler 4 licenses.

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