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<!--01-->A Project to Find the Fundamental Theory of Physics
Author: Stephen Wolfram
ISBN: 9781579550356
Year: 2020
<!--02-->The Math(s) Fix: An Education Blueprint for the AI Age
Author: Conrad Wolfram
ISBN: 9781579550295
Year: 2020
<!--03-->A New Kind of Science
Author: Stephen Wolfram
ISBN: 1579550088
Year: 2002
<!--05-->Adventures of a Computational Explorer
Author: Stephen Wolfram
ISBN: 9781579550264
Year: 2019
Advanced Calculus Explored: With Applications in Physics, Chemistry, and Beyond
Author: Hamza Alsamraee
ISBN: 9780578616827
Year: 2019
Analyzing Narratives in Social Networks
Author: Zvi Lotker
ISBN: 9783030682989
Year: 2021
Applied Holography: A Practical Mini-Course
Author: Matteo Baggioli
ISBN: 9783030351830
Year: 2019
Beginning Mathematica and Wolfram for Data Science
Author: Jalil Villalobos Alva
ISBN: 9781484265932
Year: 2021
COMBINATORS: A Centennial View
Author: Stephen Wolfram
ISBN: 9781579550431
Year: 2021
Fourier Transforms Using Mathematica
Author: Joseph W. Goodman
ISBN: 9781510638556
Year: 2020
Hands-on Start to Wolfram Mathematica and Programming with the Wolfram Language, Third Edition
Author: Cliff Hastings, Kelvin Mischo, Michael Morrison
ISBN: 9781579550370
Year: 2020
Hands-on Start to Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition
Author: Cliff Hastings, Kelvin Mischo
ISBN: 9781579550394
Year: 2020
Introduction to Probability: Models and Applications
Author: N. Balakrishnan, Markos V. Koutras, Konstadinos G. Politis
ISBN: 9781118123348
Year: 2019
Introduction to Statistics with the Wolfram Language
Author: Juan H. Klopper
ISBN: 9781579550332
Year: 2020
The Student's Introduction to Mathematica and the Wolfram Language, 3rd Edition
Author: Bruce Torrence, Eve A. Torrence
ISBN: 9781108406369
Year: 2019
Una Introducción Elemental a Wolfram Language, Spanish edition
Author: Stephen Wolfram
ISBN: 978194418035
Year: 2019
Exercise Modern quantum mechanics, second edition (Physics series)
Author: Koji Maruyama, Toshiaki Iidaka
ISBN: 9784842703725
Year: 2019
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