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Creative Data Analytics: Computational Recipes to Gain Insights into Businesses
Creative Data Analytics: Computational Recipes to Gain Insights into Businesses
by Fei Du, Davis Mo, Kelvin Mischo
  • Publisher: Wolfram Media, Inc.
  • Year: 2023
  • ISBN: 9780965053280 (ebook)
This eBook blends together embedded apps for live computation, equivalent coding examples which require no coding experience, and a narrative for applying modern computation to business analytics.

In each chapter, we address a business analytics question using a computational recipe. We hope this book helps you leverage data to gain insights into today's businesses.

Each chapter covers the following:
  • A test kit to understand corporate genes: values, culture, and strategies
  • Handling multiple data types: numbers, text, images, video in a notebook environment
  • Bite-sized computational recipes in the form of short, readable Wolfram Language code (10–15 lines in each chapter)
  • Graphic User Interface (GUI) and real-time live computation, so that you can rerun the modules based on your own input (most of the time your input is as simple as a website URL)
  • 100% replicable and interactive, so that you can experiment further and create your own computational tools
The book requires either Wolfram Player or a Wolfram Language product (Mathematica or Wolfram|One). Wolfram Player allows live computation with the embedded apps, while Mathematica allows experimentation with the underlying code to come up with your own creative analysis ideas.

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Chapters Business Question Computational Recipe
1 Compare and contrast the growth strategies of McDonald's and Coca-Cola. Text parsing
2 Evaluate McDonald's localization strategy using website images. Subject identification
3 Evaluate McDonald's localization strategy using website structure. Network visualization
4 Automate TMT background analysis by using proxy statements. Entity interpreter
5 Identify patterns in CEOs' facial expressions. Machine learning
6 Evaluate the perceived trustworthiness of CEOs. Facial landmarks
7 Identify CEOs' behavior tendencies regarding their choices of apparel colors. Color measurement
8 Analyze the text complexity of various company documents. Readability analysis
9 Use keywords analysis to gain insights into a company's strategy formulation. Content extraction
10 Assess the sentiment level of company reports. Sentiment analysis
11 Estimate CEO personality traits based on their letters to shareholders. Linguistic style
12 Develop an interactive dashboard to visualize customer complaints. Interactive plotting
13 Gather and evaluate Amazon customer review data for insights into customer satisfaction. Web scraping
14 Visualize the impact of the "Jobs" factor on Apple's profitability over time. Customizable visualization
Appendix Two use cases which can serve as inspiration and starting points for your own projects. Various
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