Why Use the Computable Document Format (CDF)?

CDF offers content creators easy-to-author interactivity and convenient deployment options—empowering their readers to drive content and generate results live.

Key Advantages of CDF:

Broader communication pipeline: Create content as everyday as a document, but as interactive
as an app.

Built-in computation: Let the reader drive new discovery—live.

Easy-to-author interactivity: Use automated functions and plain English input instead of specialist programming skills for a wide range of applications.

Deployment flexibility: Create once—deploy as slide shows, reports, books, applications, and web objects.

Integrated knowledge: Access specialized algorithms, data, and visualizations for hundreds of subjects.

"Providing a customer with an interactive data viewer is much more effective than static graphs in a PowerPoint presentation."
Steven R. Stuve, Senior R&D Engineer, Hamlin Electronics
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