Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

Use the Repository

The Wolfram Public Data Repository is a catalog of Data Resources, each with it's own page with runnable examples.

Immediately Compute in a Wolfram Notebook

Every data resource is immediately accessible in the Wolfram Language, allowing you to use the data directly in your computations.

Use in a Wolfram Instant API

You can easily deploy an web API that leverages data resources.

Download Data

Get complete data dumps directly from the website

— or —

Specify customized downloads using Wolfram Language

Submit to the Repository

Both definitive datasets and interesting samples are eligible for publication in the Wolfram Data Repository.

(Use a private Data Repository for specific or repeated datasets.)

Get a definition notebook in any Wolfram desktop system, then fill out information in the notebook.

Insert curated data inside 'Default Element Specification' in the notebook

Give examples in the notebook.

Deploy a personal test version of the data resource

{{Evaluate ResourceSubmit to submit to the Wolfram Data Repository}}

Review Process

Your data resource will be published.