October 18–21, 2016
Champaign, IL

WOLFRAM TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE 2016 Champaign, IL (Home of Wolfram's Headquarters)

Join Stephen Wolfram to kick off the conference Tuesday, October 18, 5–7pm.

Pushing the Boundaries of Computation

Thank you to all the wonderful participants and speakers for making the 2016 Wolfram Technology Conference a success.

Expert Insights

Wolfram developers and colleagues discussed the latest developments and features for cloud computing, interactive deployment, mobile devices, and more.

Practical Training

Attendees sharpened their skills during in-depth conference training classes.
If you are interested in training, view our calendar to find courses that match your interests.

Wolfram Technologies Workshops

Participants joined Wolfram developers in immersive, hands-on workshops on our newest features and capabilities, including cloud computing, instant deployment, and more.


The Wolfram Technology Conference brought together the best and brightest technological innovators from multiple disciplines. During topical "Meet-Ups," scheduled networking events, and informal discussions, attendees talked shop with those who "get it"—establishing best practices, brainstorming, making new connections, and problem solving.

Wolfram Connected Devices

Connected devices are central to our long-term strategy of injecting sophisticated computation and knowledge into everything. Participants learned how to use the Wolfram Language on cameras, GPS devices, the Raspberry Pi, and more.
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Wolfram Language One-Liner Competition

What can you do with one line of code? A lot, if you use the Wolfram Language: from simulating gravitational attraction to animating sky charts to creating works of art.
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Wolfram Innovator Award

Passionate individuals and organizations have played a major role in expanding the many areas of computing where Wolfram technologies operate. We recognized these deserving recipients with the Wolfram Innovator Award.
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