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Wolfram Virtual Technology Conference 2023

Save the date! The Wolfram Virtual Technology Conference will be held October 16–18, 2024.


The Wolfram Technology Conference is a great stage for users to share their own stories, which is an integral part of the learning experience. Submit a talk topic for presentation at this year's event.

Note: submission deadline is July 23, 2023.

Submission Guidelines

  • Please keep abstracts to 300 characters or fewer and titles to 70 characters or fewer
  • For optimal presentation viewing, please adjust magnification default to 150%
  • Your submission does not have to be in its final form; final presentation format will be collected at a later date
  • Submissions and final presentations should be made in Mathematica notebook format (.nb) using the presentation notebook and should be in English
  • Please note, speakers will be limited to one talk slot per person. Speakers may be listed as co-presenter on no more than two talks
  • Submissions are reviewed by committee. Acceptance notifications will be emailed by August 31, 2023
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