Group & Organization Licensing

Whether you're licensing Wolfram technologies for your entire organization, department, or workgroup, you're sure to find a plan that fits your needs. Our flexible and affordable volume-purchase and site-license programs feature a variety of benefits for users, IT department staff, and administrators.


Get What You Want, Pay Only for What You Need

Choose the Wolfram Technology System for a complete knowledge-based computing solution, or customize your plan with any combination of Wolfram products.

Access from Work or Home

With cloud, network, and node-locked licenses available to your group for work and home use, you'll be able to collaborate using Wolfram products wherever and whenever you need them.

One Language, Multiple Uses

Unified by the Wolfram Language, Wolfram products will save you time because you only have to learn a single language that you can use for a variety of projects.

Get Up and Running within Minutes

Quickly get access to Wolfram products without the need to memorize, track, or manage licensing information individually or for your group.

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IT Departments

Support a Diverse Infrastructure

Easily integrate our products into your technology infrastructure—whether you plan to use them as desktop applications or high-powered back-end calculation engines—with support for all major operating systems, web browsers, and mobile devices.

Reduce License Costs through Shared Deployment

Whether your users' needs are project-based, occasional, or continual, site licensing provides a cost-effective and efficient way of deploying Wolfram technologies across your organization, locally or globally.

Replace Niche Technology

Rather than purchasing specialized software for each project or user, Wolfram technology can be used in a variety of departments, allowing you to replace niche software packages and save money.

Convenient Online Management

Manage your license online with user-friendly administration and distribution tools, including instant downloads and cloud access for users.

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Save Money, Maximize Access

Consolidate individual Wolfram technology purchases across a wide variety of departments to maximize discounts, reduce per-user cost, and expand access.

Protect Your Data

Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud options allow you to embed Wolfram Cloud technology into your organization's infrastructure, allowing users to store and analyze data and share material in your own private environment.

Facilitate Collaboration and Innovation

Wolfram technologies provide the tools that inspire leaders in science and technology, and help to shape their discoveries. Uniform access will give users tools to collaborate with colleagues and deploy innovative solutions to customers worldwide.

Minimize Loss of Investment

Efficiently get products into the hands of your users and protect the licensing from being accidentally wiped from a computer or forgotten on a shelf.

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