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Control Web Response for Space Station Tracker

You can control the exact features of the HTTP response from a cloud object by returning an HTTPResponse. Error conditions can be handled with HTTPErrorResponse.

Define a function that finds the city closest to the current location of the International Space Station. The space station moves quickly, so the results change rapidly.

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issLocationDisplay[] := Module[{pos, posline, country, city, distance}, {pos, posline} = SatelliteData[ Entity["Satellite", "25544"], {"Position", "PositionLine"}]; country = First[GeoNearest["Country", pos]]; distance = Round[GeoDistance[pos, country], 0.1]; Panel@Column[{Row[{"ISS Position: ", Style[If[distance <= Quantity[0., "Miles"], "over " <> First[GeoNearest["City", pos]]["Name"] <> ", " <> country["Name"], ToString[ Row[{"over the open sea ", distance, " from ", country["Name"]}]]], Darker[Blue]]}, BaseStyle -> Directive["FontFamily" -> "SansSerif", RGBColor["#497CA4"], Larger, Bold]], GeoGraphics[{Gray, Thickness[.005], Arrowheads[{{0.05, 0.4}, {0.05, 0.13}}], Arrow @@ posline, Red, PointSize[.01], Point[pos], Opacity[.1], Black, GeoVisibleRegion[pos]}, GeoCenter -> pos, GeoRange -> "World", ImageSize -> 600]}]]
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Deploy a cloud object that computes the result each time, using HTTPResponse to indicate the content type and to specify a header that tells the browser not to cache the result.

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obj = CloudDeploy[ Delayed[HTTPResponse[ ExportString[issLocationDisplay[], "PNG"], <| "ContentType" -> "image/png", "Headers" -> {"Cache-Control" -> "no-cache"}|>]], CloudObject["iss-location"], Permissions -> "Public"]

Ban certain users from using the cloud object, returning an HTTPErrorResponse.

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obj = CloudDeploy[Delayed[ If[MemberQ[{"badapple@example.com", "blackhat@example.com", "spammer@example.com"}, $WolframID], HTTPErrorResponse[403], HTTPResponse[ issLocationDisplay[], <| "Headers" -> {"Cache-Control" -> "no-cache"}|>] ]], CloudObject["iss-location"], Permissions -> "Public"]

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