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Plot Isotope Decay Networks

Construct isotope decay networks with the new RelationGraph function.

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DaughterNuclides[s_List] := DeleteCases[ Union[Apply[Join, Map[IsotopeData[#, "DaughterNuclides"] &, DeleteCases[s, _Missing]]]], _Missing]; ReachableNuclides[s_List] := FixedPoint[Union[Join[#, DaughterNuclides[#]]] &, s]; verts = ReachableNuclides[{"Uranium235"}]; vsym = IsotopeData[#, "Symbol"] & /@ verts; opts = {VertexLabels -> Thread[verts -> (Placed[#, Center] & /@ vsym)], PlotTheme -> "ClassicDiagram", VertexSize -> {.5, .3}}; DaughterNuclidesQ[s1_, s2_] := (s1 =!= s2 && MemberQ[DaughterNuclides[{s1}], s2]);
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RelationGraph[DaughterNuclidesQ, verts, opts]

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