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Train a Neural Network on a Remote System

RemoteConnect can be used to create a connection to a remote machine, and programmatically interact with it. In this case it is used to launch a script, training a neural network on a more capable computer.

Connect to a remote machine.

Create a Wolfram Language script on the remote machine to perform neural network training.

#!wolframscript data=Flatten@Table[{x,y}->Exp[-Norm[{x,y}]],{x,-3,3,.01},{y,-3,3,.01}]; net=NetChain[{32,Tanh,1}]; trained=NetTrain[net,data,BatchSize->1024, TimeGoal->10,TrainingProgressReporting->"Print"] Export[$HomeDirectory<>"/trained.wlnet", trained, "WLNet"]

Use WriteLine to send commands to the remote machine without waiting for them to return.

When the evaluation completes, use ReadString to read the results.

Close the connection.

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