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Compare Food Brand Names

The number of food brand names available is overwhelming, but with the food and nutrition data available in the Wolfram Language, it is easy to find, visualize and compare thousands of brands. This example uses a variety of properties for several food brands to compare and visualize them.

Here is a list of a few food brands to compare.

You can find the foods for each of these brands in the Wolfram Knowledgebase.

Look at the foods for one brand.

Here are how many foods belong to each brand.

Find images for all of the foods.

Find an image for each brand by randomly selecting an image from one of its foods.

Find the ingredients for the foods of each brand.

Find the ingredients used by each brand.

See how many ingredients are used by each brand.

Show the brands in a feature space plot based on their ingredients, noting that brands of similar products appear closer together.

Now visualize these brands by using the calorie content of 100g of food for each brand in 3D space.

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