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Visualize Particle Energy Spectra and Properties

The particle entity type has more than 1,000 entities, ranging from quarks and electrons to neutrinos and baryons. Fifty properties are available. This retrieves the lepton number, the electric charge and the mass (with the current uncertainty) of an electron.

Visualizations of particle properties can be easily generated based on the particle entity properties. For instance, a plot of the energy spectrum of all mesons (including possible non- states). This is the relevant mass and data.

Based on this data, the particles in the mass plane are plotted.

The fundamental particles of the standard model of particle physics can be placed in a "periodic table".

Get the list of quarks and leptons, filter out the antiparticles and then group the rest by charge types and sort each group into "mass generations":

Place the mass particles, gauge bosons and the Higgs boson into the right order for the "periodic table".

Get various properties of fundamental particles for use in formatting later.

For each fundamental particle, construct a visual "index card".

This is the "index card" for the bottom quark together with the legend.

Using the just-constructed index cards, the "periodic table" of fundamental particles can be constructed.

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