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  • Full support of polygons with holes. »
  • Full support of polyhedra with voids and tunnels. »
  • Unified representation of polygons and polyhedra.
  • Extensive collection of polyhedra, including Platonic solids and uniform polyhedra. »
  • Built-in polygon constructors from ray crossing count and winding count. »
  • Direct support for several random polygon and polyhedron models. »
  • Automatic decomposition into different classes of polygons and polyhedra. »
  • Efficient identification of polygon and polyhedron classes. »
  • Full support in the geometric region framework, including computing properties (area, nearest point, etc.). »
  • Polygons and polyhedra can be used as inputs to solvers (integration, optimization, solving PDEs, etc.). »
  • Automatic support for polygons and polyhedra in mesh region framework. »
  • Extensive capabilities for visualizing polygons and polyhedra.
  • Full integration of polygons and polyhedra into the Wolfram Language.

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