Work with a Large Database

This example looks at a terabyte-scale database and performs some basic queries that would be impossible to perform in-memory.

Open Street Map is a collaborative effort to generate a free map of the world. The project was created in 2004 and its over two million users have generated over a terabyte of data. As such, it is a great example database for showcasing out-of-core data science. Instructions on how to get the data and set up a database server can be found here.

Register the database for usage with entities.

This is a very large database; its largest table "planet_osm_nodes" takes up almost 200 GB on disk. Here is how many rows it contains.

Suppose you wanted to find all the streets that contain "Wolf".

Unfortunately these contain quite a few duplicates, but you can check for the number of distinct names.

Another interesting thing to look at is the "planet_osm_table", which contains lots of metadata about various objects. For example, you can check how many trees were mapped.

Or what the most common sport structures are.

Visualize the result.

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