Similarities between
Mathematica & Maple
Are Only Skin Deep

Mathematica and Maple have a fundamentally different approach and history, which is underscored by Mathematica's unique design principles. In its core algorithms and in most technical application areas, Mathematica offers a deeper, more complete and better integrated collection of features.

Mathematica vs. Maple

Ever had that sinking feeling...

...after choosing the cheap option?

While Maple often follows Mathematica's lead in new capabilities, it typically takes years before similar features appear in Maple, and then often as shallow and poorly integrated implementations, leaving you frustrated when you try to go beyond the basics.

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So frustrated others can't get your ideas?

...present your work the way it deserves.

Mathematica is the clear choice for professional output. With its vast and beautiful range of visualizations and with a massive range, rich customizable notebooks, automated interactive app creation and instant deployment to web applications, Mathematica will present your work at its best.

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Getting work done shouldn't be a struggle...

...Mathematica makes computation easy.

Mathematica's design principles mean that the extra computational power is actually easier to apply. Consistent design ensures that functions work together, higher levels of automation reduce the need to specify computational details, extensive interactive documentation provides 10,000+ examples and code assistance tools make it easy to find and fix mistakes. And on top of that, the Mathematica community is bigger and more active.

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