Similarities between
Mathematica & Maple
Are Only Skin Deep

Mathematica and Maple have a fundamentally different approach and history, which is underscored by Mathematica's unique design principles. In its core algorithms and in most technical application areas, Mathematica offers a deeper, more complete, and better integrated collection of features.

Mathematica vs. Maple

Ever had that sinking feeling...

...after choosing the cheap option?

Maple advertises many of the same feature areas as Mathematica, but the details are important. Maple's features are often shallow and poorly integrated, leaving you frustrated when you try to go beyond the basics. Mathematica's deep features are carefully designed to work well together, so it gets better the more you use it.

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So frustrated others can't get your ideas?

Easy to author interactivity—only in Mathematica.

Mathematica is the only system that lets you build educational apps starting with a single line of code. Creating user interfaces in Maple is difficult and time consuming. In Mathematica, it's so simple that our users create new Demonstrations every day.

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Do your students a favor...

...teach the system that's used in industry.

Don't spend time on a dead-end system like Maple. Choose the platform that's used to tackle the world's toughest challenges: Mathematica. With deeper, more complete features and comprehensively superior performance in numerical applications, Mathematica is the preferred choice over Maple in industry.

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