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Fighting Air Inequality: Bridge the Gap between Programming and Thinking
Colleen Rosales, Strategic Partnerships Director, OpenAQ Inc.
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Engineering Alex: A Centralized System for Petroleum Production Analytics
Andrew Yule, Technology Manager, Assured Flow Solutions
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Training a Neural Network to Think Like a Barnstorming Pilot
Mike Foale, CEO of Foale Aerospace, Inc. and former NASA astronaut
More Intelligent Retail Management with the Wolfram Language and Mathematica
Rodrigo Murta, Manager of Retail Intelligence, St. Marche Supermarkets
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SystemModeler and Mathematica: Models of Engineering Instruction
Dr. Yehuda Ben-Shimol, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Geared for Success: Optimizing Face Gear Surfaces in Mathematica
Steve Bush, Mechanical Engineer, The Procter & Gamble Company
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Developing New Theoretical Folding Models of DNA and RNA with Mathematica
Guillame Santini, Université Paris 13
Jean Cognet, Université Pierre et Marie Curie—Paris 6
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Creating a Calorimeter: Using Mathematica to Measure Dielectric Loss
Frederic Aitken, Electrical Engineering Lab of Grenoble
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Connecting Worlds: Bridging Architecture and Engineering with Mathematica
Maurizio Brocato, School of Architecture Paris-Malaquais
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Experimental Learning: Mathematica's Role in Teaching Architecture
Philippe Morel, School of Architecture Paris-Malaquais
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Revolutionary Teaching: Professor Encourages Students to Use Mathematica on Tests
Alain Carmasol, Associate Professor, Ecole Nationale d'ingénieurs
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Courseware of the Future—Today: Developing Interactive Textbooks with CDF
Eric Schulz, Co-author of Calculus, by Briggs and Cochran
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Exploring the Science of Cooking: Mathematica's Role in Modernist Cuisine
Nathan Myhrvold, Author of Modernist Cuisine and former CTO, Microsoft
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Dynamics of Change: Modeling the Economic Effects of Global Warming with Mathematica
Stuart Nettleton, Senior Lecturer, University of Technology, Sydney
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An Immersing Environment: Teaching Real-World Problems with Mathematica
Paul Abbott, School of Physics, The University of Western Australia
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Financial Data on Demand: Building an Interactive Web Service with Mathematica
Alan Savoy, Technical Manager and Architect, nGenera Corporation
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Teaching the Bigger Picture: Exploring Mathematics with Mathematica
Debra Woods, Founder, Mathematics Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
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A Natural Choice: Mathematica's Role in Natural Resource Studies
Yu-Feng Lin, Hydrogeologist, Illinois State Water Survey
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An Edge in Education: Advancing Math Courses with Mathematica
Dana Vazzana, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Truman State University
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A Measure of Success: Designing Hearing Aid Parts with Mathematica
Daniel Warren, Director of Research, Knowles Electronics
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Modern Quality Control: Measuring True Performance with Mathematica
George Woodrow III, Research Specialist, Quest Diagnostics
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Finding the Missing Link: Building an Integrated System in Mathematica
Frank Scherbaum, Geophysics Professor, University of Potsdam
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A Game Changer for Mathematics: Mathematica in the College Classroom
Bruce Torrence, Chair, Department of Mathematics, Randolph-Macon College
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