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More Intelligent Retail Management with the Wolfram Language and Mathematica
Rodrigo Murta, Manager of Retail Intelligence, St. Marche Supermarkets
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SystemModeler and Mathematica: Models of Engineering Instruction
Dr. Yehuda Ben-Shimol, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Geared for Success: Optimizing Face Gear Surfaces in Mathematica
Steve Bush, Mechanical Engineer, The Procter & Gamble Company
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Developing New Theoretical Folding Models of DNA and RNA with Mathematica
Guillame Santini, Université Paris 13
Jean Cognet, Université Pierre et Marie Curie—Paris 6
Play (3:30)»
Creating a Calorimeter: Using Mathematica to Measure Dielectric Loss
Frederic Aitken, Electrical Engineering Lab of Grenoble
Play (4:37)»
Connecting Worlds: Bridging Architecture and Engineering with Mathematica
Maurizio Brocato, School of Architecture Paris-Malaquais
Play (3:57)»
Experimental Learning: Mathematica's Role in Teaching Architecture
Philippe Morel, School of Architecture Paris-Malaquais
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Revolutionary Teaching: Professor Encourages Students to Use Mathematica on Tests
Alain Carmasol, Associate Professor, Ecole Nationale d'ingénieurs
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Courseware of the Future—Today: Developing Interactive Textbooks with CDF
Eric Schulz, Co-author of Calculus, by Briggs and Cochran
Play (2:52)»
Exploring the Science of Cooking: Mathematica's Role in Modernist Cuisine
Nathan Myhrvold, Author of Modernist Cuisine and former CTO, Microsoft
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Dynamics of Change: Modeling the Economic Effects of Global Warming with Mathematica
Stuart Nettleton, Senior Lecturer, University of Technology, Sydney
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An Immersing Environment: Teaching Real-World Problems with Mathematica
Paul Abbott, School of Physics, The University of Western Australia
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Financial Data on Demand: Building an Interactive Web Service with Mathematica
Alan Savoy, Technical Manager and Architect, nGenera Corporation
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Teaching the Bigger Picture: Exploring Mathematics with Mathematica
Debra Woods, Founder, Mathematics Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
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A Natural Choice: Mathematica's Role in Natural Resource Studies
Yu-Feng Lin, Hydrogeologist, Illinois State Water Survey
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An Edge in Education: Advancing Math Courses with Mathematica
Dana Vazzana, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Truman State University
Play (2:49)»
A Measure of Success: Designing Hearing Aid Parts with Mathematica
Daniel Warren, Director of Research, Knowles Electronics
Play (2:23)»
Modern Quality Control: Measuring True Performance with Mathematica
George Woodrow III, Research Specialist, Quest Diagnostics
Play (2:39)»
Finding the Missing Link: Building an Integrated System in Mathematica
Frank Scherbaum, Geophysics Professor, University of Potsdam
Play (2:48)»
A Game Changer for Mathematics: Mathematica in the College Classroom
Bruce Torrence, Chair, Department of Mathematics, Randolph-Macon College
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