Automated Report Generation

Version 10 provides sophisticated tools for automated document creation. Create templates using the familiar notebook-editing process and apply them to any source of data, including computations, databases, web feeds, Wolfram|Alpha, and the Wolfram Language's integrated computable data sources. Easily customize the output and generate reports with interactive charts and dynamic computations that can be scheduled, shared, and annotated in the Wolfram Cloud.

  • Parameterize templates with arbitrary expressions, including text, numbers, and graphics.
  • Include Wolfram Language code anywhere in a template to pre- and post-process data.
  • Retain fine control over the appearance and behavior of evaluations: publish reports with all, some, or none of the code used to generate them.
  • Cell groupings in reports naturally structure hierarchical data.
  • Apply the same template to different datasets for uniform reporting.
  • Specify default values for a template to use if a value is missing at run time.
  • Sophisticated support for iterating over lists of data, including control of how template variables are inherited inside loops.
  • Full access to the Wolfram Language's tools for generating formatted elements such as text, typeset mathematics, graphics, and tables.
  • Author templates using familiar notebook-editing processes and graphical tools.
  • Dynamic computation with real-time data.
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