Curated API Framework

Version 10 provides a sophisticated framework for accessing a wide variety of external services and APIs. The framework manages authentication enabling connection to a user's account on a service. Once a connection is established, predefined requests such as posting messages, retrieving user data, and uploading data can be performed. Requests are also used to analyze and visualize data from services. Some examples include social network graphs, geographic plots of running routes, and time series analysis of fitness activities.

  • Exchange data with an external service through an API.
  • Analyze and visualize data from external services in the Wolfram Language.
  • Directly send messages containing results of Wolfram Language computations.
  • Access social media accounts on services like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Upload, download, and manage cloud-stored files in a Dropbox account.
  • Track fitness data from RunKeeper and Fitbit.
  • Use predefined requests to create plots, graphics, maps, time series, and associations automatically from your data.
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