Enhanced Color Support and Processing

Version 10 adds comprehensive support for new device-independent color spaces suitable for color processing and analysis. In addition, it introduces a set of new functions for color analysis that includes perceptual color distances, model-based color generation, comprehensive color conversion, and 2D and 3D chromaticity diagrams.

  • Systemwide support for four new device-independent color directives: XYZ, LCh, Lab, and Luv. »
  • Support for standard chromaticity diagrams to visualize and compare different color spaces. »
  • Three-dimensional color plots for color gamuts, images, and color lists. »
  • Implementation of various common perceptual color differences. »
  • Comprehensive update to color conversions for color directives and images. »
  • Model-based pseudorandom color generation. »
  • Enhanced computation of dominant colors in images. »
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