Integrated Unit Testing

With the new built-in testing framework in Version 10, you can easily write and run tests for your code to ensure that your functions operate as intended. Whether you are writing a single function or an entire application, the symbolic character of the Wolfram Language lets you immediately run tests for even the smallest program snippets and see the resultsat any stage of the development cycle.

  • Easily lay out individual tests.
  • Add options to tests to restrict the time and/or memory used.
  • Run an entire notebook of tests.
  • Generate a summary of all test results showing the number of tests characterized as successes, failures, message failures, and errors.
  • Automatically get the detailed results for each test.
  • Visually see the result of running each test via color-coded results cells.
  • Produce a graphical display of the test results for the entire notebook via a summary bar with color-coded tabs ordered by status or by sequence.
  • Add test IDs to all tests via a button click.
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