New in Mathematica 9

3D Volumetric Image Processing

Mathematica extends its image processing capabilities to 3D datasets, including pixel operations, local filtering, morphology, and more. In addition to 3D surface rendering, fast and interactive volume rendering is available. Volumes and 3D vector graphics combine seamlessly.

  • Built-in 3D volumetric rendering engine. »
  • Hardware-optimized implementation for interactive volume rendering.
  • Interactive transfer function modeling.
  • Efficient implementations of standard image processing algorithms for 3D. »
  • Support for multichannel volume data.
  • Support for Image3D objects in various image processing functions.
  • General 3D cropping, padding, resizing, etc. »
  • Pixel operations such as image adjustment, histogram equalization, etc.
  • General linear and nonlinear filters for spatial and frequency-domain processing.
  • Intensity and hysteresis thresholding, region growing, and active contour segmentation. »
  • Basic morphological operations. »
  • Apply wavelets to 3D images. »
  • Out-of-core processing of volumes. »
  • Integration of volumes and vector graphics.
  • Full integration with Mathematica's programmable dynamic interface. »
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