New in Mathematica 9

Enhanced Graphs and Networks

Mathematica 9 adds numerous extensions and improvements to its already very strong capabilities in graphs and networks. New capabilities, including the ability to compute network flows, find graph cuts and partitions, and automatically visualize groups of vertices and bundle edges. Additional graph distributions, tours, and graph layouts extend a large collection of features. Performance improvements are available across the board.

  • Extensive support for network flows including maximum flow and minimum cost flows.
  • New functions for vertex and edge cuts as well as vertex and edge connectivity.
  • Compute balanced graph partitions having a minimum number of edges crossing between partitions.
  • New and optimized random graph distributions.
  • Ability to specify properties from random graphs and automatically compute probabilities.
  • Highly optimized Eulerian and Hamiltonian cycle computations.
  • Support for computing postman tours.
  • Planarity tests for graphs.
  • Improved performance for graph layout and rendering of graphs.
  • Several new graph layouts including planar, balloon, and spectral layouts.
  • New empirical example graphs as well as theoretical graphs and properties.
  • Extensive performance improvements across all graph and network functionality.
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