New in Mathematica 9

Full Range of Web Access Support

Mathematica provides full client-side web access for sending data to and receiving data from remote servers and for interacting with web APIs. Downloaded data can be analyzed with the full functionality of Mathematica. Asynchronous access allows AJAX-style programming for performing operations in the background.

  • URLFetch downloads information from a remote HTTP server. »
  • Obtain HTTP headers and status codes, manage cookies, and use authentication. »
  • Work with both HTTP and HTTPS with a high level of control.
  • URLFetchAsynchronous and URLSaveAsynchronous let you make a web request and then receive the response in the background. »
  • Several Mathematica file functions work with HTTP streams.
  • Easily interact with web APIs to retrieve data from the web without interrupting other operations and analyze it in Mathematica.
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