New in Mathematica 9

Import and Export Formats

Mathematica 9 adds extensive support for new data formats in areas such as molecular biology, high dynamic range image processing, and chemical spectroscopy. In addition, Mathematica 9 offers enhanced performance and new features for existing data formats, enabling out-of-core processing of large datasets.

  • Support for the handling of Exif tags in JPEG image format. »
  • Import of high dynamic range OpenEXR image format. »
  • Performance improvements of PNG converters. »
  • Import of ICC color profile data. »
  • Import of bioinformatics and microarray formats. »
  • Enhanced import and export support of HDF5 file format. »
  • Enhanced performance and metadata support for FITS format. »
  • Import of JCAMP-DX chemical spectroscopy data format. »
  • Embedding of CDF in HTML export. »
  • Export of ICO, CUR, and ICNS icon formats. »
  • Import of MIDI audio files. »

Dr Dobb's:

"A tremendous accelerator for developers"

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